The Oasis Rehabilitation Centre

The Oasis Rehabilitation Centre, which works under the umbrella of the Health Work Committees Organization, has been established in Beit Sahour since 1998, in order to respond to the urgent needs of the society, in particular to the needs of people with mental disabilities and their families. Often, people with special needs are abandoned and their full potential

is almost never realized. Oasis Rehabilitation Centre tries to change this perspective, by integrating people with disabilities into the local society offering them job opportunities. In the Centre, adults with mental disabilities produce candles, which belong to the traditional handicraft production, and products from recycled paper and olive tree wood. They engage in meaningful work and social activities that lay a basis for integration into their communities. The team of the Centre consists of people aged 18 to 38, all with mental disabilities, who receive a small salary as an incentive to improve their sense of independence.